Friday, September 9, 2011

Add Google Places Review Monitoring to Are We Online

Ever wanted to see if your business is receiving reviews online? Are We Online Website & Server Monitoring also comes with Google Places and Yelp Reviews/Comment Monitoring. Our service is designed to let you set your personalized alert threshold, and alert you when someone posts a review below that threshold. You'll be alerted via email, voice, instant message or text alert (or any combination you choose). Plus, it shows up in your dashboard for your immediate attention. So here's how it works...

Setup Google Places Review Monitoring

Associate your brand's site with review monitoring

Once you've found your Google Places page (for this example, we'll use ours: Palm Beach Software on Google Places), associate it in your Are We Online administration panel. Under Site Reputation, there's a tab called Brand Associate Monitoring. Click on that, and you'll see your administration panel. Search for your business terms (our search was "Palm Beach Software Design" and our zip code is 33426). Then click the detail button to add the selected business place to your monitoring list.

Find your Google Place with our Are We Online Review Site Monitoring search tool

This will give you a modal popup asking you to set your alert threshold and to verify that this is in fact the associated Google Place account you would like to monitor. By default this value is 3. Anything below that will give you an alert, so set it to a reasonable level. Then click "Add This Place".

Set the rating threshold for your Google Place with our Are We Online Review Site Monitoring search tool

Once you've added the place to your Associate Brand Monitoring list, you'll see it every time you enter that section of your administration panel.

Your Google Places account shows up in your Are We Online Associate Brand Monitoring panel

Now You're Monitoring your Google Places Reviews!

Now you can monitor all reviews, and be alerted for the bad ones.

When you click on the "View All Ratings" link, you'll see your Google Places current review average, and any new reviews that have come in. When reviews are posted below your threshold, you'll be alerted via text, email, instant message, or voice (or a combination) immediately.

Are We Online's Monitoring your Google Places review page

If you have any questions about setting this up, please use our Support Form or ask us a Question on Twitter

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