Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Website Performance Monitoring and Content Monitoring Can Improve your Online Store this Holiday Season

Are We Online's Website Performance Monitoring and Content Checking can help your online store convert more sales this holiday season.

So we all know that the Holiday Season is coming up quickly. November starts the beginning of the early birds getting a little shopping done for the Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa rush. Regardless of the season you and your brand’s website celebrate, if your website is an online store, you better be prepared for the rush.

You may ask yourself how exactly can Are We Online’s affordable server monitoring and web monitoring help my business’ website during this holiday season? It’s quite simple actually, our service gives you the tools to make sure that your website’s running as intended, experiencing uptime, and performing well enough for your customers to convert.

Website Performance Monitoring Improves Sales

For 2011, the international accounting and consulting giant, Delloite, forecasts a growth of 14% in non-store purchases. Imagine what that means for online businesses. That means a monumental increase in traffic, an increase in the number of customers researching products and greater opportunity to convert these customers.

We know from dozens upon dozens of studies that slow response time and downtime for a website means less customer satisfaction, turning into higher bounces. Let Are We Online’s website monitoring tool set monitor your website and make sure that your website response-time is up to par.

Our website performance monitoring tools (aka response-time monitoring) lets you know exactly how long it takes for your customers to load your website. Because our online monitoring system functions exactly how a user’s computer would function. Because we download the rendered HTML file, we are able to provide your site with website content checking, not just a ping.

How Could Content Monitoring Improve Customer Conversions?

Are We Online’s content monitor lets you specify the keywords, tags, phrases, etc you want us to validate on your page. That way, if someone were to maliciously attack your website and replace the home page with a forwarder or some illegitimate copy, you would be notified instantly. Content monitoring is another utility that Are We Online offers with our website performance monitoring and website blacklist notification tools to make sure that your business’ message is going out as intended.

During this holiday season, with an increase in the number of consumers switching to online purchasing for their gifts (nearly 46.7% of all customers will be e-customers), your web store can’t afford to miss one customer because you said “I don’t have to constantly be monitoring my website”.

Make Are We Online Your Website Monitoring Service and Know Your Website’s Online

Are We Online’s full suite of website monitoring tools keeps you in the know. Our online monitoring system makes it easy for you to check your site’s history, and our SMS and email alerts make it easy for you to guarantee that your site is experiencing uptime and that you’ve got an eye on website performance. Couple all of these features together, and Are We Online will help you keep your store open longer and with less issues – making your customers happier.

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